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Practical Financial Planning for Parents-to-Be

Planning for a baby is exciting and sometimes a little frightening for expectant parents, especially first-time parents.

The months will fly by and soon you’ll be at home embarking on an adventure along with the newest member of your family. Welcome to the excitement, exhaustion, fascination, bewilderment and love that is parenthood.

Along with the joy and fulfillment that a new baby brings, you’ll have new financial responsibilities. Some costs are unavoidable, while others may largely depend on your discretion. Sticking to a financial plan could help you provide wonderful opportunities and experiences for your child while keeping your family’s costs under control.

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2018 Scholarships

LVECU will be awarding ten $1,000 scholarships to members who will be full-time undergraduate students during the upcoming 2018-2019 school year. Applications will be available November 1, 2017 on our website or at either office.

Board of Directors Election 2018 ... Your Chance to Make a Difference!

Elections for the 2018 Board of Directors will be here before you know it. Make sure to let your voice be heard by voting for the credit union leaders who will work for you.

To become even more involved, you can contribute your time and talents by running for one of three board positions. Any member in good standing who would like to be nominated for the positions available may send a letter of introduction (100 words or less) to: Nomination Committee, c/o LVECU, 3720 Hamilton Blvd., Allentown, PA 18103. The deadline for receiving letters is November 30, 2017. Ballots and biographies will be mailed (if necessary) to all members age 12 and over after the close of nominations.

By a resolution of the Board of Directors, incumbent directors will be automatically re-nominated if they wish to run. The Nominating Committee may nominate one additional person for each position. Anyone not nominated by the committee may have his/her name added to the ballot for any position by submitting a nominating petition with the signatures of 25 LVECU members. Petitions are available at the LVECU Main Office.

Nominees must be members in good standing as defined by the following criteria: all entrance fees have been paid, all loans with the Credit Union are current, and the Credit Union has suffered no losses as a result of a charge-off or discharge in bankruptcy of any loans or obligations.

Auto Loans

Kirby & Claim Your Youth Summer Reading Program & More

Our Summer Reading Program was a huge success once again! We had 136 Kirby and CYY members participate in the program this year by reading more than 141,663 pages! Great work by all our young members!

Also, congratulations to credit union member Diane Cedeño, our 2nd quarter Claim Your Youth drawing winner. Diane received a $100 deposit. If you’re age 13-17, stop into the credit union and enter.

Important Information about our Kirby Kangaroo Christmas Party

Over the years, LVECU has hosted a Kirby Kangaroo Christmas Party for our young members. While this has been a wonderful event for members and staff alike, we have opted to use our resources to serve families in need during the holidays. This year, we will be making a donation to the Spirit of the Lehigh Valley. This is a completely volunteer and donation driven organization which provides Christmas presents and a holiday meal to underprivileged families throughout our region.

Thinking of switching car insurance? Consider your options first.

Do you feel that twinge of irritation every six months when your car insurance payments become due? A slight pang of annoyance that you’re a good driver and your premium keeps increasing? I recently embarked on the journey to switch my car insurance after nearly a decade of being a customer. My premium had been increasing steadily for about two years and I finally had enough. What I’m going to share will likely not shock you.

I called my insurance agent and told him my situation. “I’ve been a customer since I started driving nearly 10 years ago. My family has been exclusive customers for more than 50 years. I just feel like I’m paying too much and I wanted to know if we can negotiate my premium, please.” I was met with a chuckle and short reply that it doesn’t matter and this is just how much the average premium is for this car in my zip code and drivers my age. 

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Visa® Travel Money Cards & Visa® Gift Cards Make Great Gifts!

Visa® Travel Money Cards

  • Can be used at ATMs and most merchants
  • Cards are issued instantly
  • $3 fee when purchasing card
  • Can be funded for amounts from $100 to $5,000
  • Other fees and restrictions apply, ask for details or click here.

Visa® Gift Cards

  • Can be used wherever Visa® is accepted
  • Cards are issued instantly
  • $2.50 fee when purchasing card
  • Can be funded for amounts from $10 to $1,000
  • Some restrictions apply, ask for details or click here.

Prep Your House to Sell

Most realtors agree that some improvements can help sell a house faster, and many believe home improvements could boost the sales price—if those are the right improvements.

Given that most of us have a limited supply of time and money, how do you best invest yours in readying your home for sale? Here are some pointers:

Declutter your house. Agents will tell you that clutter eats equity. Descend on your bulging closets and storage rooms. Decide what to keep, toss, recycle, or donate to charity. Same with the knickknacks, family photos, souvenirs, and other items scattered throughout every room. Pack them up and move the boxes out of the main part of the house.

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Financial Literacy Help for Educators!

If you’re looking for a way to introduce financial literacy to your students, LVECU can help! We have a financial literacy resource available through our website called Practical Money Skills for Life. You can find Practical Money Skills on our Member Education page. Click on the ‘Teach’ tab (or follow the link below), and you will have access to teaching guides and lesson plans for students age K-12 and beyond. It’s a great resource, it’s FREE, and it’s just one more benefit of being an LVECU member!

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International Credit Union Day Celebrates The Authentic Difference™

Since 1948, International Credit Union Day has been celebrated annually on the third Thursday of October. Each year, the international event affords the opportunity to remember credit unions’ proud history and promote awareness of and support for the credit union difference. This year’s theme, “The Authentic Difference,” celebrates what makes credit unions truly unique.

Credit unions are recognized as a force for positive economic and social change and have provided significant value in both developed and emerging nations. International Credit Union Day is sponsored by World Council of Credit Unions, the international trade association and development agency for credit unions, as well as numerous national credit union trade associations and federations around the world.

Visit us at either office on Thursday, October 19th to receive a FREE Reusable Thermal Grocery Bag! Limit 1 per member, while supplies last.

Giving Back

Help LVECU give back to the community and decorate our Christmas Tree by donating new winter hats, scarves, gloves, etc. through the month of December.